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From <erlend.bjo...@aftenposten.no>
Subject SV: Flushing of oscache in a cluster ?
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 14:48:15 GMT
Hi Brian!

>Are you sure you need to cache?  

Pretty sure :-) Have worked pretty well so fare.

>What metrics do you have to warrant the additional complexity?  

Until now we haven't seen it with extra complexity. When I started to use it, I liked it a
lot :-) The shit hit the fan :-) when we tried to introduced load balancing, easily explained:

	2 servers = 2 web and 2 admin = 4 applications :-)

>I think too many j2ee books convince developers to avoid frequent >communications with
the database without calculating the performance >numbers in their own applications.  

The question is also, where to put the time to optimize your application,
in the java code or the database. Of course the queries etc need to be
good enough, but when you starts to talk about materialized views it's 
starts to get a little fishy. How much "logic" should you put in the application or database.
Tricky question, I like to do it more in the application if I can. 

But when that's said we have similar solutions for the most heavy stuff. A Oracle guy made
a package that made some kind of index table, he called it. Save us for many minutes in some
quartz jobs we have running, also. I have removed N+1 selects etc. So we have focus on the
query performance it's not that, of course we can be better too.


Our application is something like yellow page catalogue +++, search text queries (we use Oracle
Text), batch jobs counting up companies in business categories etc.

         http://www.aguiden.no  (also a web cache over here...)

Notice it's slightly quicker when searching the same word the second time = cached :-) The
database server also server other applications and sometimes breath heavy.

>view and the database level with query rewrites.  Each database vendor >offers many
features.  That's why I like iBatis, it lets me work with my >oracle database productively.

Yes... I understand you, but as we want it with load balancing = 2 admin applications too,
should also flush each other cache, I should realy want
this oscache cluster mechanism to work.

On paper it seems pretty easy, do a little stuff in the property file, setting up this GossipRouter,
but where have a missed the point since it's not working ??????? :-) Or should I do it a complete
other way ? Find it strange that it seems no one seems to been trying this before ? hmmmm

Anyway thanks for you thoughts still!

Have nice weekend!

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