Does an SQLExcpetion get thrown, or some other error?  I've done a quick check, but so far can't find any standard call to check for driver compliance.  I'll keep looking - but maybe an all encompassing catch block will be the way to handle it.
Jeff Butler

On 8/19/06, Sanjiv Jivan <> wrote:

It appears that the query timeout feature was added only in Ibatis 2.2.0 which seems to have broken the MSAcess support.
Can Ibatis test driver support for this feature before calling it?  Additionally, in com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.execution.SqlExecutor,
can the method setStatementTimeout not explicitly call statement.setQueryTimeout(0) if  mappedStatement.getTimeout() is null.
  private static void setStatementTimeout(MappedStatement mappedStatement, Statement statement) throws SQLException {
    if (mappedStatement.getTimeout() != null) {
      statement.setQueryTimeout(mappedStatement.getTimeout ().intValue());
    } else {
      statement.setQueryTimeout(0); // no timeout
On 8/18/06, Sanjiv Jivan < > wrote:
The Ibatis FAQ entry on list of supported database/driver lists MSAccess 2000 with the Sun JDBC OBDC bridge. However when trying to use Ibatis 2.20 / JDK 1.4 with MSAccess 2000, an exception with message "Optional feature not implemented"is raised at the point where Ibatis calls statement.setQueryTimeout(). I checked out the Ibatis code and there is no protection around this call to test if the optional feature is supported.
So my question is how are people able to run Ibatis with MSAccess using the Sun jdbc-odbc driver? Is it the case that JDK 1.5 has implemented this method? Regardless, we are required to support JDK 1.4 so would it be possible for Ibatis to support JDK 1.4 / MS Access?