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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Phantom data results??
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 21:18:48 GMT
iBATIS does not cache results unless you specifically ask it to do so.  And
there is no "phantom table" code in iBATIS (this did make me smile when I
read it).  Have you configured any <cacheModel> elements anywhere?  If not,
then iBATIS is not caching results.  If you have configured <cacheModels>,
then temporarily disable them to see if anything changes.

More likely this is something related to transaction configuration.  Or
maybe explicit transactions are not being committed/ended properly

Jeff Butler

On 8/1/06, Albert L. Sapp <asapp@uiuc.edu> wrote:
> I have run into the same thing where anything done outside of the
> application (isql*plus or enterprise manager) does not appear in the
> results from a query inside iBatis.  We found if we restarted the tomcat
> server that the activity done outside the application was now visible to
> the application.  We stopped modifying table data directly and all
> interaction is now through the application.  If we absolutely have to
> work outside the application, we know we must do a restart of the tomcat
> server.
> It has been a while since we had to deal with this so we never really
> tried to find out why this happens.  Something to do with data caching,
> I am sure.  We know that we will have the problem, so we just deal with
> it the way we know works.
> Al
> cmose wrote:
> > Hey all,
> > I'm mostly an ibatis noob and having quite a bizarre problem, for me at
> > least, with ibatis returning phantom results on some test queries.
> >
> > Basically, is there any caching happening with Ibatis behind the scenes
> that
> > I should be aware of?? Right now I'm using a simple data source and
> letting
> > ibatis handle the conneciton pooling and etc., I seem to be having a
> > situation where queries in the ibatis mapping file return results
> different
> > from those same queries pasted into Oracle's isql*plus (e.g., the
> queries
> > run from ibatis only return results if they were inserted using ibatis).
> >
> > Ibatis seems to be using a phantom table when it's running it's inserts
> and
> > queries, that completely ignores anything that has been done to the
> table
> > via isql*plus (e.g., pasting the sql code from the mapping file directly
> > into isql*plus yields vastly different results then running it using
> > ibatis).
> >
> > Now I realize that something could be wonky with isql*plus, but I'm more
> > likely to believe a configuration or use error on my part then isql*plus
> not
> > working correctly.
> > Thanks much!!
> >
> > As an aside to this, is there anything in particular, configuration wise
> or
> > functionality wise that I sould worry about when using a singleton
> > SqlMapClient across a dozen or so classes?
> >
> > (sorry if this was a repeat, I received a nabble confirmation in my
> email
> > and made the mistake of assuming that was also the list subscription
> > confirmation for which I received another email after already having
> posted
> > this, ergo I'm uncertain whether or not the original message actually
> went
> > out - thanks for your patience ;-) ).
> >

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