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From "Clinton Begin" <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Abator Version 1.0.0 Now Available!
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 21:33:13 GMT
For the time being, there's really no "guy's", it's really all Jeff and
users like you.  And yes, Jeff has done a fantastic job, not only on Abator,
but also on iBATIS. He's been the most active committer for the last couple
months if I'm not mistaken.

Jeff will also be presenting an iBATIS Tutorial at ApacheCon US 2006, so if
you want to meet him in person, that's your opportunity.


On 8/23/06, Tony Qian <daqiqian2@aol.com> wrote:
>  Jeff,
> I have used Abator and iBATIS for more than half year for several
> projects. I love it! Really appreciate you guy's hard work. When I use
> Abator to generate all codes, i got one problem for batch. I need to go
> through the source code to figure out how to execute batch (When using
> sqlMapClient, it is so easy). I think others have same experience. Here is
> my question. Is it possible to put startBatch(), executeBatch() and
> executeBatchDetailed() in DaoManager class, just like
> daoManager.startTransaction()?
> Thanks,
> Tony
> Jeff Butler wrote on 8/20/2006, 7:42 PM:
>  Abator version 1.0.0 is now available.  This is a significant upgrade
> from version 0.6.5 and includes many new features.  Noteworthy new
> features include:
>  - Ability to generate code for Java 5 including the use of parameterized
> types
>  - Ability to generate different types of domain models, including a flat
> model if you dislike separate classes for primary keys and BLOBs
>  - VASTLY improved "by example" methods.  The new methods can generate
> virtually any where clause, including INs and BETWEENs, and the generated
> DOAs and SqlMaps are MUCH smaller.  The new example class can get large,
> but most functions for the dynamic where clause are encapsulated into that
> class (this support requires that you use iBATIS 2.2.0 or higher for the
> nested <iterate> support)
>  - VASTLY improved documentation for Abator, including a complete list of
> new features, is now available online here:
>  http://ibatis.apache.org/docs/tools/abator/
>  Please read the "What's New?" section of the online docs before upgrading
> - some of the default options have changed, and this could cause code to be
> generated that is not completely the same as prior versions of Abator.
> There are options available to generate code exactly as in prior versions if
> you so desire.
>  See this page for download links and other information:
>  http://ibatis.apache.org/abator.html
>  Thanks for all the comments and feedback about Abator.  I've Incorporated
> everything I thought was reasonable into the new release.
>  Jeff Butler

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