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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Abator regeneration causes duplicated methods
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 17:22:51 GMT
I've tested on Eclipse 3.2 (Windows) and I'm not seeing this behavior - a
regeneration works fine for me.  So, here are some questions:

1. Are the duplicated methods in the DAOs, the model objects, or both?

2. Did the JavaDoc comments get stripped off the methods somehow before
calling Abator?  Abator only knows what to delete by the @abatorgenerated
JavaDoc element.

Jeff Butler

On 7/10/06, Maarten Meijer <mjmeijer@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I'm using Ababator 0.6.5 on Mac OSX with Eclipse 3.2. I've disabled
> Oxygen to get back the 'Generate iBatis Artifacts' menu item again.
> I have decided to use the DAO as wll after all, so I added to the
> abatorConfig.xml:
>        <daoGenerator type="IBATIS" targetPackage="com.fold1.beans"
> targetProject="fold1wt">
>                <property name="enableSubPackages" value="false"/>
>        </daoGenerator>
> I then do a 'Generate...' and OPPS, hundreds of errors, mostly
> duplicate methods/fields.
> Reason: the old generated code is not removed, just stripped of the
> comments!
> How can I get abator to generate correct code?
> Maarten

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