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From "Merritt, Norris" <norris.merr...@hp.com>
Subject Why is parameterMap processing positional?
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 17:58:30 GMT
It seems to me that if I have a parameterMap of type map, with various
named values in the map, and associate this parameterMap with a
statement, I should be able to specify placeholders in the statement of
the form #foo#  and #bar#  where 'foo' and 'bar' match names of values
which exist in the hashmap for the parameterMap.  However, this doesn't
work. It appears that I must specify only ? for placeholders in the
statement, or I get "parameter index out of range" exceptions thrown by
my jdbc driver.  And because all the placeholders are ? then the order
of the parameter properties in the parameterMap becomes critical.

I don't like this positional behavior. Does specifiying statement
placeholders of the form #foo# only work where the parameters are coming
from bean properties?

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