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From "Mkhitaryan, Aram" <Aram.Mkhitar...@lycos-europe.com>
Subject Enhancement in IBATIS
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 04:47:35 GMT


I'm starting a new project where I want to use IBATIS.

But I have written some tests where I found out some problems:

1.      When my parameter class or result class is JavaBean (bean object with getters and
setters) it is much slower than a simple bean object with public attributes.

2.      When I’m switching on enhancement, nothing happens with performance.

3.      When I’m comparing simple/plain jdbc manually coded select or insert and IBATIS
on my computer (Win XP, db and application are on the same computer) IBATIS is faster (~100ms),
but when my application is on my computer and db server is on remote computer (linux, Debian),
IBATIS is slower 5 times (sometimes even more). My db is MySql 5.0.


Does somebody know how it is possible to configure IBATIS to make it faster than its default

And does somebody know why IBATIS is so slow when it is working with remote computer (linux)?


Please, help to solve these problems, it is too important.


Thank you in advance,


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