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From Vadim Grinshpun <va...@ll.mit.edu>
Subject locating errors in SqlMap
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 20:20:30 GMT
Hi all,

in a situation where iBATIS's parser throws an exception, is there a way 
to tell which part of the sql map being parsed is actually the culprit?  
The error shown in the exception is too vague, and doesn't point to a 
particular file/line/xml element/whatnot. Specifically, I have a case of 
a "no readable property named FOO", but the FOO in question is being 
used in a number of places, a number of which have just been modified. I 
could try to track it down by commenting out different parts of the map 
to see which part(s) make the error go appear/go away, but I was hoping 
there might be a more intelligent way to approach this.

If there isn't a better way to do this currently, is it feasible to add 
better error reporting facilities into the parser, and are there any 
plans to do so?

Thanks for any advice.

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