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From Ben Munat <b...@munat.com>
Subject Re: developer's guide suggestion
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 03:38:01 GMT

Vadim Grinshpun wrote:
>  > Thanks Tarek. btw which guide are you refering to?
> Given the above question, I have a suggestion to the iBATIS team 
> (apologies in advance if this had been discussed before):
> Why not put an conspicuous "Documentation" section on the iBATIS webpage 
> somewhere(e.g., on the sidebar)? It could simply refer the readers to 
> the appropriate sections of the download page, but would be easier to 
> find for the average user ( I know I ran into this problem at first, 
> and, having been subscribed to the list for a few weeks, I can see 
> others are doing the same).
> Basically, on the current website two things are highly non-obvious to a 
> newcomer:
> 1 - that any documentation exists at all.  It is unconventional to keep 
> the docs in the downloads section It doesn't occur to a lot of people to 
> look there, especially because documentation is typically just an HTML 
> page, and in the minds of most it simply is not associated with 
> something you download. (I'm not saying PDF is bad, just saying it's not 
> what people expect, and thus they don't find it).
> 2 - that the doc on the site might be out of date and people should look 
> at the cvs version. Having a relatively up-to-date doc on the site 
> directly would be even better, but short of that, an easy-to-notice 
> mention of the CVS version (again, referring to the download page) would 
> be very helpful.
> Hopefully, making these changes should be pretty quick. I think 
> addressing this issue would preclude a certain fraction of the simpler 
> "how do I do X"/"please read the manual"/"but where is the manual" type 
> of exchanges on the list :)
> Thanks for listening :)
> -Vadim G.

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