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From "Debasish Dutta Roy" <debasish.dutta...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: locating errors in SqlMap
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:53:48 GMT
Hello Ted
Absolutely! I completely agree with you. I was actually replying to Vadim's
email rather than yours :).

First few days are always difficult and a list of most frequently committed
errors/mistakes and their resolution would surely make it more popular.


On 7/19/06, Ted Schrader <tschrader@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Debasish,
> You make an excellent point that iBATIS does give specific error
> information in these situations and, now that I have more experience
> with the tool, the examples you provide seem pretty straight-forward
> in their resolution.  And, as you mentioned, turning on the logging
> can be a life-saver.  At this time, I personally don't think iBATIS
> needs to be more verbose in it's error reporting, so I think we agree
> on this point, too.
> I still think a listing of usual suspects would really help people
> that are new to iBATIS, since the error reporting uses iBATIS'
> specific vocabulary and it can be challenging at first to suss out
> what iBATIS is saying.  I would have appreciated it when I was new.
> I'm not proposing an elaborate spoon-feeding exercise (like Windows
> troubleshooting, for instance); just a quick listing of things to
> check for a particular problem.  The audience I have in mind would be
> the folks who have read the manuals and have a decent understanding of
> JavaBeans, JDBC, and SQL.  Maybe they've just been staring at code too
> long and could use a quick checklist.
> Do you think some quick tips on the wiki would be worth the
> maintenance effort?  Or am I being too "blue sky" in my thinking?
> Cheers!
> Ted

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