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From "jeremy jardin" <jeremy.jar...@newtec.caisse-epargne.fr>
Subject selectByExample
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 13:06:40 GMT
I'm trying to use Ibatis in my application.
I've also used Abator plugin to generate my javabeans and xml files.
Today, I'm writing a bean Manager, used to store/delete/update datas in
I want to write methods able to give list according to the beanExample.
When I look in debug Mode how it works, I don"t understand.
My junit test file just try to get a user from his phone number, and
request answers the whole user list of my database.
I proceed like that :
        UtilisateurExample criteria = new UtilisateurExample() ;
        Criteria.setMobile ("0600000000"),
        ArrayList userList = new ArrayList() ;
        UtilisateurDAOImpl userDao = new UtilisateurDAOImpl() ;
            list = (ArrayList)userDao.selectByExample(criteria);
        catch (SQLException e)
that code give me the whole user list (that' s not true, no one user in
my database has that phonenumber)
But if I precise :
            Criteria.setMobileIndicator(1) ;
It works well !!
I don't understand why should I set explicitly that mobileIndicator ???
Am using ibatis the good way ??
Thx !!

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