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From "Pradheep" <pradheep.ayya...@appliedevelopment.com>
Subject iBATS & CGLIB
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 04:46:34 GMT

i am inserting some 5000 records and the table has only 2 columns with the id and name where
id is autoincremented and name is also added with the auto number [say pradheep+i]
i just checked a sample of 5000 records and the time it took vaires accordingly
Inserting 5000 records 111,765 secs
Inserting 5000 records 111,750Sec
Inserting 5000 records 109,766Sec
Inserting 10000 records 201,812 secs

so when compared, its toooo slow. how do i improve my performance. can you suggest me on how
to use this.

or else

when reading the document of SQL Map, they were talking about CGLIB. so i have downloaded
that and added to my project. 
how do i work with CGLIB if needed.


       P R A D H E E P A P P L I E D    D E V E L O P M E N T  

      Team Leader
      Chennai, India
      e: pradheep.ayyanar@appliedevelopment.com
       l: 00 91 44 39125333
      m: 00 91 94862 08089  

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