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From Viktor_X._Ko...@hud.gov
Subject Re: IBATIS ORACLE ref cursor
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 19:59:54 GMT
Thank you.

"Clinton Begin" <clinton.begin@gmail.com>
06/26/2006 03:25 PM
Please respond to user-java

        To:     user-java@ibatis.apache.org
        cc:     (bcc: Viktor X. Kopit/CIO/HHQ/HUD)
        Subject:        Re: IBATIS ORACLE ref cursor

Hi there, you should grab the latest source from Subversion.  It has the 
Oracle ref cursor code implemented as it will be deployed. 

1.  I'm assuming it closes the ref cursor the same way it closes any 
result set  (IIRC it uses the same code -- but I'll double check). 

2.  User defined data type.....I doubt it.  But you can try mapping it as 
an Object type (i.e. will use rs.getObject()).  I don't think it will work 
though.  You'll need to write a custom type handler for that. 


On 6/26/06, Viktor_X._Kopit@hud.gov <Viktor_X._Kopit@hud.gov > wrote:

I implemented IBATIS data mapper (2.1.7 with addition for ORACLE REF 
CURSOR) to get REF CURSOR data from  ORACLE stored procedure. 

I have two questions: 

1. How IBATIS is  closing REF CURSOR? 

2. Is it possible use IBATIS to get user defined data type from ORACLE 
stored procedure? 
In my case it is table of ORACLE objects (row in the table). 
I successfully get data with this type using DAO and JDBC (no IBATIS 

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