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From jaybytez <jayby...@gmail.com>
Subject iBatis batch executing same performance as Jdbc - Thanks!
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 04:52:50 GMT

I found out that all the problems I was having with OutOfMemoryErrors was
related directly to the Java Proxy in my own code and not iBatis...my

Outside of that...thanks for the help.  I was able to do a successful batch
implementation.  When I excluded the
startTransaction/commitTransaction/endTransaction...my process took 5
minutes to run.  When I included it, I got my full process to run under 1
minute.  This is directly equal to the speed I found when using straight
Jdbc and/or Spring Jdbc Templates.

This is Awesome!!!  And thank you so much for the responses.  I love the
ease of configuration for connections and the fact that I can flip a sqlMap
config name (in my properties file) and load a Jndi Based
Connection/Transaction Manager (for running inside the container in
production) and then flip the name to load a Jdbc Connection Manager (for
running tests outside the container in development).  That is huge!!! And
without any Java code modifications.  I have been dreaming of this day!

Here is my batch method used with iBatis for doing the same thing in Jdbc as
addBatch/executeBatch for every 100 records in a list of records.  That way
I use the speed of batching, without chancing an overflow of the
PreparedStatement/Connection with too much batched data.

   private Object batch(SqlMapClient sqlMap, int batchType, String
methodName, Object argument) {
       int commitSize = 100;
       boolean commitBatch = false;
       int totalRecordsUpdated = 0;
       int commitBatchUpdated = 0;

       try {
           List list = (List)argument;

           for(int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) {
               if(batchType == INSERT) {
                   sqlMap.insert(methodName, list.get(i));
               else if(batchType == DELETE) {
                   sqlMap.delete(methodName, list.get(i));
               else if(batchType == UPDATE) {
                   sqlMap.update(methodName, list.get(i));

               if((i != 0) && (i % commitSize == 0)) {
                   commitBatch = true;
               else if(i == (list.size() - 1)) {
                   commitBatch = true;

               if(commitBatch) {
                   commitBatchUpdated = sqlMap.executeBatch();
                   totalRecordsUpdated = totalRecordsUpdated +
		   if(i != (list.size() - 1)) {
		   commitBatch = false;

           validateBatchResult(methodName, new int[]{totalRecordsUpdated});
       catch(SQLException e) {
           exceptionConverter.rethrow(methodName, e);
       finally {
           try {
           catch(SQLException e) {
               exceptionConverter.rethrow(methodName, e);

       return new int[] {totalRecordsUpdated};


jay blanton
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