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From cant...@kepler-rominfo.com
Subject Websphere 6 + iBatis + DB2 iSeries problem
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 10:11:43 GMT

We are facing a very big problem with WAS6 + iBatis 2.1.5 + DB3 iSeries

We are performing the stressing test and after a while (usually 30-60
minutes) af activity, the connection pool from Websphere become full (100
connections allocated from 100) and everything is stucked. This happens in
2 minutes and before everithing is going very smoothly ...

We have tried many configuration like:
- lazyLoadingEnabled="false"
<transactionManager commitRequired="true" type="EXTERNAL" >
      <property name="DefaultAutoCommit" value="false" />
      <property name="SetAutoCommitAllowed" value="false" />
      <dataSource type="JNDI">
               <property name="DataSource" value="${DBSOURCE}"/>

There is no error message except "Timeout waiting for free connection ...".

On iSeries we are seeing all 100 connections open but nothing si locked
(rows, tables), nothing runs in each connection ... seems like they are in

On Websphere we see:
MCWrapper id 828224d  Managed connection
WSRdbManagedConnectionImpl@4c58624c  State:STATE_TRAN_WRAPPER_INUSE Thread
Id: 5b75a268 Thread Name: WebContainer : 74 Handle count 0

We are asking if they may be some problems between iBatis and Websphere ...

Please help!

Thank you,

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