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From "Rick" <ricks_mailingli...@arc-mind.com>
Subject How do you map a Java boolean property to a VARCHAR(1) that contains 'Y' or 'N'?
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 23:06:40 GMT

I have a SQL map as follows:


      <resultMap id="contacts" class="qcom.cas.mysourcej.poc.model.Contact">

            <result property="name" column="contact_name"/>

            <result property="primaryContact" column="primary_contact" />



The class Contact has a primaryContact field is boolean

The result set is from a column that is equal to 'Y' or 'N' in the database.


Is there a way to map a boolean property (primitive) to a VARCHAR(1) NOT
NULL column (that has either a 'Y' or a 'N')?


This is a legacy database and there is no way I can change the table. I
could change the query.



BTW I am new to iBatis, and I got it talking to a legacy db. I also setup
relationships fairly easily.



I did notice the typeHandler attribute of resultMap but this is not
documented in the dtd or user documents.


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