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From "Nestor Urquiza" <nestor.urqu...@gmail.com>
Subject some ways for storing the states, transitions and any hierarchical structure
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 15:33:41 GMT
I have to decide for my project if it is worth it to store some of my
objects directly in mysql using iBATIS.

The usecase is just a web application accepting HTTP GET/POST requests and
depending on given states it executes some code and move the client to a new
state (I am using commons-scxml [1] for this). Moving from a starting state
to an ending state the application pass several internal states and I need
to store the whole history in a table.

I could use mysql 5 UpdateXML() extractValue() UDF functions to
store/retrieve the hierarchical data but as an alternative I think storing
objects directly is a perfect approach. In fact I think ORM is a pretty cool
alternative to native xml storage.

The real problem arrives when Reporting guys want to query the mysql
database for the states  I have stored using iBATIS. I am wondering if
anyone knows about a way of using just plain SQL from a mysql client to
query data that is stored using iBATIS. I understand this could be done
using an UDF (User Defined Function).

Any thoughts? Whatever idea you might have could help a lot my storage

Thanks a lot!,
Nestor Urquiza

[1] http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/scxml/

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