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From "Rajaram_Viswanathan" <Rajaram_Viswanat...@Satyam.com>
Subject Transactions using DaoManager
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 05:35:19 GMT
I manage the transactions manually using DaoManager
My code looks like this:
class BaseService{
    private static BaseDAO baseDao = null;
    static {
    //get Base DAO
    baseDao = (BaseDAO)DaoConfig.getDaomanager().getDao(BaseDAO.class);
Class MyService  extends BaseService{
private DaoManager daoManager = DaoConfig.getDaomanager();
private MyService() {
     myDAO=(MyDAO) daoManager.getDao(MyDAO.class);
public void insert(){
    genricInsert();                                 //This method uses myDao object.  
    super.updateProperities();        //Calls the base service method which sues baseDao
    super.updateRelatedProps();   //Calls the base service method which sues baseDao
   delete();                       //This method uses myDao object. 
The above functions genericInsert(),updateProperities() ,updateRelatedProps()  and delete()
calls the Stored procedure to do the job.The above SPs do not commit the operations done.
But daoManager.commitTransaction() does not commit the transactions and none of the operations
done by the functions are commited in the backend.
I don not know what is wrong with the above code snippet.
Can any one help me to solve the above problem?

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