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From Rick Reumann <ric...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: One query populating *multiple* lists per object returned
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 00:16:44 GMT

Jeff Butler wrote:
> It's not really a stupid question.  The problem is that adding the Dog 
> table to the join list will, in effect, create a cross join between dog 
> and cat - causing lots of data to be repeated as you've seen.
> There's not a great solution that I can think of.  One solution would be 
> to use the iBATIS group by solution and a join for one of the lists 
> (cats) - as you've already accomplished.  For the other list (dogs), you 
> can populate it with a second query sort of like this:
> <resultMap id="personMap" class="foo.bar.Person" groupBy="personID">
>   <result property="personID"                  column="personID"/>
>   <result property="personName"             column="personName" />
>   <result property="cats"       resultMap="Persons.catsMap"/>
>   <result property="dogs" column="personId"   select="getDogsByPersonId"/>
> </resultMap>
> I haven't tried this for real, but I think it will work.  This is still 
> an N+1 query, but at least it's not 2N+1!
> Another thought is that you could write your own List implementation 
> that would not allow duplicates.  Then it could all be done in one query 
> because you would catch and throw out the duplicates in Java code.  As I 
> think about it, I might like this solution better.  There's still a 
> bunch of duplicate data coming back from the DB, but there's only on DB 
> call.

Thanks Jeff for your comments. Makes perfect sense. I forgot about using 
a custom List Implementation approach. That would work out nicely.


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