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From Ben Munat <b...@munat.com>
Subject Re: Problem with using generic and specific custom TypeHandlers
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 16:01:21 GMT
Hi Tracey,

I used a custom type handler on a project last year (for a boolean field on an AS/400 no 
less :-) ) and I remember struggling to get it to work.

I just went and looked at my map I think you need to create a parameterMap for the query 
that uses the type handler as well as a result map. You specify the type handler for the 
property that uses it on both ends. So, here's what mine looks like:

   <resultMap id="ScheduledMonthlyPaymentResult" class="ScheduledMonthlyPayment">
       <result property="applicationNumber" column="appnum"/>
       <result property="sequenceNumber" column="seqnum"/>
       <result property="accountName" column="acctnm"/>
       <result property="totalAmountOwed" column="totamt"/>
       <result property="monthlyPayment" column="mnthpmt"/>
       <result typeHandler="com.foo.bar.dao.BooleanToCharTypeHandler"
		property="active" column="active"/>

   <parameterMap id="ScheduledMonthlyPaymentParameters" class="ScheduledMonthlyPayment">
       <parameter property="applicationNumber"/>
       <parameter property="sequenceNumber" />
       <parameter property="accountName"/>
       <parameter property="totalAmountOwed"/>
       <parameter property="monthlyPayment" />
       <parameter property="active"
		typeHandler="com.foo.bar.dao.BooleanToCharTypeHandler" />

Hope that helps!


Tracey Annison wrote:
> Hiya!
> *** I think I sent this wrong earlier - apologies if it duplicates! ***
> We are using iBATIS with Java against a quirky AS/400 database. We have 
> used custom TypeHandlers successfully to globally map enums against 
> columns holding String codes, but are now trying to map a variety of 
> codes to Booleans without success.
> As an example, I have three string fields, let's say Fred, Hal, Bill and 
> Joe.
>  - Fred and Hal can have values "A", "N", and "Y"
>  - Bill has values "Y" and "N" (which mean positive & negative)
>  - Joe has values "1" and "0"  (which also mean positive & negative)
> I have made a Java enum to hold the A/N/Y values called FlagANY, and a 
> TypeHandler called TypeHandlerStringANYEnum to convert the string "A", 
> "N" and "Y" values from the db into the enum FlagANY. I've made Fred and 
> Hal into FlagANY enums in the Java class ThingIbatis.
> Both Bill and Joe are Booleans in the Java class ThingIbatis, and I have 
> created TypeHandlers TypeHandlerStringYNBoolean and 
> TypeHandlerString01Boolean to convert their varying string values into 
> the appropriate Boolean values.
> In the sql-map-config.xml, I can map the FlagANY fields globally, which 
> works fine for Fred and Hal - as they're FlagANY in the Java class, and 
> as their value on the Db are consistent, the TypeHandler gets invoked 
> from the sql-map-config.xml setting, and all is well.
> Now, Bill and Joe are both Booleans in the Java class, but their values 
> on the Db differ, so I have to specify their TypeHandlers on a 
> column-by-column basis in the table's XML file. (I tried omitting the " 
> javaType="java.lang.Boolean", but that didn't help)
> This ought to work, as far as I can see, but the TypeHandler doesn't 
> ever get invoked. Is there some special syntax I should be using?
> Generic TypeHandler in the sql-map-config.xml-
> <typeHandler javaType="uk.co.package.user_type.FlagANY" 
> callback="uk.co.package.utils.TypeHandlerStringANYEnum"/>
> And in the thing.xml I can define a ResultMap like this -
> <resultMap id="thingResult" class="uk.co.package.persistence.ThingIbatis">
>         <result column="OCFRED" property="Fred"/>
>         <result column="OCHAL" property="Hal"/>
>         <result column="OCBILL" property="Bill" 
> javaType="java.lang.Boolean" 
> typeHandler="uk.co.package.utils.TypeHandlerStringYNBoolean"/>
>         <result column="OCJOE" property="Joe" 
> javaType="java.lang.Boolean" 
> typeHandler="uk.co.package.utils.TypeHandlerString01Boolean"/>
> </resultMap>
> Cheers
> Tracey Annison
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