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From "Albert L. Sapp" <as...@uiuc.edu>
Subject Re: Hope someone can point me in the right direction to look.
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 15:11:33 GMT
Sven.Boden wrote:

>Let me take a shot at that ;-)
Thanks for the quick feedback, Sven.

>In Oracle you never see uncommitted data outside of your own oracle session... it's the
way Oracle built their database (they don't even have uncommitted read as isolation level).
Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.  I was, however, using the OEM console 
and thought that it was supposed to give me access to all sessions.  I 
will double check that.  I was logging in as SYS.

>For what could be happening in your case. When you run on a single machine it will always
take the same connection (you disabled e.g. connection pooling on the webserver/appserver).
When you run in "deployed" mode you use connection pooling and probably the bean saving your
cart is using another connection as the bean selecting the cart data. And if you then don't
do commits you don't see data just yet. 
Ok, I thought when I removed all reference to cacheing in my xml files 
for my sql mapping, that cacheing was disabled.  Do I need to worry 
about cache settings in my Tomcat configuration?  I never run in a 
single machine mode as far as I know.  I always deploy and execute the 
application from a Tomcat server.  I have 3 Tomcat instances to choose 
from.  One is running on my local PC, one is running on our backup site 
and one is running on our production site.  I use the one on my local PC 
for all my developement work.  In case that was the problem, we went 
ahead and deployed the tar to the backup site and we still had the same 

I could see each connection as it was used, so I knew each create and 
select used a different connection.  All our operations with the db go 
through start/commit/end transactions using try/catch blocks.  Even our 
queries.  So I will start double-checking my try/catch blocks and make 
sure I have not missed something there.  Otherwise, I can not understand 
what is interfering with new shopping cart items not making it to the 
db.  What is even more frustrating is it works fine with one combination 
(Linux/Firefox) and not with others (Windows2000/IE, WindowsXP/IE, 
Windows2000/Firefox, WindowsXP/Firefox and Mac OS X/IE).  The OS/browser 
thing is the only sympton we have to work with right now.

If I come up with any more information or a final solution, I will post 
to the list.

>>----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
>>Van: Albert L. Sapp [mailto:asapp@uiuc.edu]
>>Verzonden: donderdag, mei 11, 2006 12:35 AM
>>Aan: 'iBatis Java List'
>>Onderwerp: Hope someone can point me in the right direction to look.
>>Hi, guys.
>>Here is the overall results we are seeing and what I have found out so far.
>>1.  On a PC running any linux and using a Firefox browser, our java web 
>>application works as expected.  We can enter items in to our shopping 
>>cart and they immediate show in a list of our shopping cart items.
>>2.  On a PC running any other operating system or any other browser but 
>>Firefox on Linux you want to name, our application does not seem to to 
>>work the same way.  The first item added will show up in the shopping 
>>cart item list immediately.  Each one that follows will only show up if 
>>you do one of the following things.
>>   a.  Add a third item and the second will show up in list.  You can 
>>keep doing this as long as you want, but the last item entered will 
>>never show up.
>>   b.  Go to the main menu page of the application, then get back into 
>>the shopping cart and the last item entered is now there.
>>   c.  Got to checkout and it will bill all the items showing and, when 
>>you return to your shopping cart, the last item entered now appears.  It 
>>was not billed, so it was not deleted.
>>   d.  Even if a person opens that shopping cart on another PC, 
>>including the PC from 1 above, that last item will not show until 
>>another item is entered.  At least on the PC from 1 above, you see the 
>>last item entered again.
>>I have done the following.
>>A.  Removed all cacheing from the application.
>>B.  Turned on DEBUG and found that the create shopping cart item step is 
>>occuring, but can see that the result set returned does not contain the 
>>item just created.
>>C.  Checked Oracle database and sure enough the item is not there and I 
>>see no indication that there is anything hanging around to be done.
>>General info:  Java 1.4.2, iBatis-DAO-2, iBatis-SqlMaps-2, Tomcat 
>>5.0.28, Struts (but I can't tell you what version) and Oracle 10g Rev 1.
>>I don't think it is a iBatis problem, but wanted to see if anyone had 
>>experienced anything like this before.  I am also going to go to OTN and 
>>post a question there as well.  I assume there a lists for the other 
>>things we are using.  We have quite a large application and this is the 
>>first time we have seen a difference in the way it works based on the 
>>browser it looks like.
>>Any help or indication of where to start ot look would be greatly 
>>appreciated.  You guys have always been very helpful with all my other 
>>questions.  Keep up the good work on iBatis.

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