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From Mike Fagan <mfa...@tde.com>
Subject Re: Next steps on REFCURSOR support?
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 16:42:29 GMT
Ross, Jonathan C. wrote:
> Can one of the committers comment on whether / when / how REFCURSOR 
> support will appear in iBATIS?  Details at e.g. 
> _http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/display/IBATIS/Oracle+REF+CURSOR+Solutions_
> Background: my team maintains Java dev tools at Fidelity Investments.  
> We try to keep our open source distributions as pristine as possible, 
> save for internal security fixes.  With our customers pushing for 
> REFCURSOR support, the choices are: tell them to shove off; tell them 
> to maintain their own patch; fork our copy and take the hit in testing 
> & upgrade.
> None of those really appeals to me; would greatly appreciate hearing 
> the "official" iBATIS direction.
> Thanks,
> /Jonathan Ross/
> Fidelity Enterprise Systems Architecture
> v 617.563.0722 f 617-476-6202
I too would like the refcursor support in the official baseline since I 
use it everywhere. I have requested to have it added in the past but did 
not get any feedback from committers on how to make this happen.

Mike Fagan

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