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From l4r5 <mathieu.dro...@usherbrooke.ca>
Subject Complex properties and stored procedures...
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 15:12:59 GMT

Hi everyone,

I have a nested query...(Client having multiple addresses) but which uses
stored procedures, problem is that the two parameters that are retrieved
form the first query (client_id and current_address_id) are not being passed
to the parameterMap on the getAddresses query(they are both null as shown by
the debug statements below).

Does anybody have an idea how to make this work?

DEBUG [main] - {conn-100005} Connection
DEBUG [main] - {pstm-100006} PreparedStatement: { call
client_auth_clientNo_pr(?, ?, ?, ?) }
DEBUG [main] - {pstm-100006} Parameters: [10489747, WALSWORTH, 1972-06-11
00:00:00.0, 1905]
DEBUG [main] - {pstm-100006} Types: [java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String,
java.sql.Timestamp, java.lang.Integer]
DEBUG [main] - {rset-100007} ResultSet
DEBUG [main] - {pstm-100008} PreparedStatement: { call client_address_pr(?,
?) }
DEBUG [main] - {pstm-100008} Parameters: [null, null]
DEBUG [main] - {pstm-100008} Types: [null, null]

  <parameterMap id="parameterMapClient" class="java.util.HashMap">
    <parameter property="id" jdbcType="INT" javaType="java.lang.Integer"
    <parameter property="name" jdbcType="VARCHAR"
javaType="java.lang.String" mode="IN"/>
    <parameter property="dob" jdbcType="DATETIME" javaType="java.util.Date"
    <parameter property="cob" jdbcType="INT" javaType="java.lang.Integer"
  <resultMap id="resultMapClient" class="Client">
    <result property="id" column="client_id" />
    <result property="surName" column="family_nme" />
    <result property="givenName" column="given_nme" />
    <result property="birthDt" column="birth_dt" />
    <result property="birthCountryId" column="birth_country_id" />
    <result property="addresses" column="{client_id, current_address_id}"
select="getAddresses" />
   <procedure id="getClientById" 
    { call client_auth_clientNo_pr(?, ?, ?, ?) }
 <parameterMap id="parameterMapAddress" class="java.util.HashMap">
    <parameter property="clientId" jdbcType="INT"
javaType="java.lang.Integer" mode="IN"/>
    <parameter property="addressId" jdbcType="INT"
javaType="java.lang.Integer" mode="IN"/>
  <resultMap id="resultMapAddress" class="Address">
    <result property="type" column="type_cd" />
    <result property="subType" column="sub_type_cd" />
    <result property="streetNo" column="street_no" />
    <result property="streetAddress1" column="first_ln" />
    <result property="streetAddress2" column="second_ln" />
    <result property="city" column="city_nme" />
    <result property="country" column="country_long_desc" />
    <result property="province" column="province_long_desc" />
    <result property="postalZipCode" column="postal_zip_cd" />
    <result property="effectiveDt" column="effective_dt" />
  <procedure id="getAddresses" 
    { call client_address_pr(?, ?) }
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