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From "rs" <rustyst...@myway.com>
Subject Re: public int executeBatch()
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 14:53:23 GMT

> I think the JIRA patch is a good starting point towards working on a solution 
> to this.  rs - if you have further suggestions please add them to the JIRA 
> issue (for example, what do you mean by "return code"?  1/0? SQLCode?  
> SQLState?). 

My suggestion is that instead of returning int[], return FailedRecord[], that is, an array
(or List) of FailedRecords, where FailedRecord is something like:

public class FailedRecord {
  private int position; // failed record index in the batch
  private Exception reason; // (sql) exception describing the reason for failure

In case if there are no failures, return an empty array/List.


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