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From "mrEdmundo" <mrEdmu...@uko2.co.uk>
Subject Caching content on Sun App Server
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 15:23:15 GMT
Hi there,
I'm migrating an application from Orion to SJSAS 8.2PE and am having a
problem with cached content.
It's using iBatis v2.0.7 called from stateless session beans. The container
manages the pool of available connections which iBatis references over JNDI.
It doesn't use the cacheModel in any sqlMaps and i have set
cacheModelsEnabled equal to false in the SqlMapConfig.
The problem i have is that if i change data in the dB it is not reflected in
the results returned from a sqlMap select. I've put logging on to see the
results returned and if i change the value in the dB (and commit it...) the
old value is still returned when i call a select. It all worked fine on
Orion, tho i know this is an issue with iBatis as it's the iBatis classes
that are logging the result output.
If i keep refreshing the page (which invokes the select) the value will keep
giving me old values, the occasional new value and then more old ones
Does anyone have any ideas? as i'm stumped at the mo...

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