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From "rs" <rustyst...@myway.com>
Subject Adding new <statement> to <sqlMap> during runtime
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 12:24:48 GMT


Is it possible to add a new insert/delete/etc <statement> during runtime to <sqlMap>
specified in the file?

The reason or this is illustrated by the following scenario:
1) generate sqlMaps (we currently using Alex Egorov's perl script). Core insert/delete/select/etc
statements are generated.
2) customise generated sqlMaps as required by the app, add new statements, etc.
3) Damn! We want to change something in the statements generated during step 1. All changes
specified in the step 2 will have to be redone.

It appears that if we could add "generic" insert/delete/etc statements during runtime instead
of specifying them in the sqlMap file, it could save us some work AND allow more flexibility
for future changes.


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