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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject [Abator] Version 0.6.5 Released
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 03:35:22 GMT
There is a new version of Abator, and the Eclipse plugin for Abator.  New
features common to both include:

1. Added support for specifying rootClass for the model objects and
rootInterface for the DAO interface.  To use, specify the "rootClass"
optional property on the <javaModelGenerator> element, or
the "rootInterface" optional property on the <daoGenerator> element.

   For example:
     <javaModelGenerator ... >
       <property name="rootClass" value="com.somedomain.SomeClass" />

     <daoGenerator ... >
       <property name="rootInterface" value="com.somedomain.SomeInterface"

   Note that Abator uses these values "as is" - no checking is done
to validate their existance or validity.

2. Refactored code generation rules and added better documentation for the
rules (see new org.apache.ibatis.abator.internal.rules package)
3. Ensure that property names are valid for iBATIS even if the user
specifies "useActualColumnNames"
4. Added JDBC types for DATE and TIME fields to the mapping properties in
the "by example" where clause fragment
5. Externalized all message strings
6. Abator will now survive if the JDBC driver does not support the
getPrimaryKeys() function - but with reduced function

A new feature for the Eclipse plugin allows you to specify different source
folders in a target project.  For example:

<javaModelGenerator targetPackage="my.package" targetProject="Abator

IMPORTANT: this is the last version of the Abator plugin for Eclipse that
will be compatible with Eclispe 3.0, or the Rational 6.0 series of tools.

See here for downloads:


Jeff Butler

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