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From "Brent Ryan" <br...@blackboard.com>
Subject RE: Oracle DB using a wireless connection causes connection leaks
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 17:03:46 GMT
When I'm plugged into the network I don't have this problem.  I only
have this problem when I'm on wireless.  I don't think this is a iBatis
issue either.  I think it has something to do with the oracle driver
because I've run into something similar with straight JDBC calls before.
I thought I read a while back that there was a different JDBC oracle
driver you should use instead of the THIN driver if using wireless...
But maybe I'm just blowing smoke too.. Who knows? 



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Subject: Re: Oracle DB using a wireless connection causes connection

I did a search for "if(isWireless()) leakConnection();" and didn't find
anythingso if you unplug your toaster, and put the dog out - I bet it
fixes it. ;-)

Just kidding..I do not see any way that this could be iBATIS related -
it is even hard to imagine that a bad jdbc driver would do that. Are you
absolutely positive that it happens when plugged in, too?


On 4/28/06, Brent Ryan <bryan@blackboard.com> wrote:
> I had a project I was developing on using iBatis and Oracle where I 
> ran into this issue.  The only reason I was using wireless was because

> I was on my laptop and I noticed that when you called 
> dao.endTransaction() that my connection stayed in the ESTABLISHED 
> state even after killing the program completely.
> Has anyone else had these issues with wirelss?  And is there a way to 
> avoid this?  Like a different JDBC oracle driver...
> Thanks,
> Brent
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