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From John Chien <john.ch...@ncmail.net>
Subject what does the PaginatedList method means ?
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:19:03 GMT
Dear Sir:

After we called the iBatis queryForPaginatedList(), we get a list of 
type PaginatedList.
Let us call it queryResultList;
The PaginatedList has several methods like:

void gotoPage(int i);
boolean nextPage();
boolean previosPage();

What does these methods mean ?
What I want is to get a list to be returned to client side to be displayed.
Let us call it toBeDisplayList;

1) I want to go to page 5, so I write the following statement
queryResultList.getoPage(5);  What does this mean ?

Suppose the queryResultList have 600 element originally, and each page 
display 30 elements,
after calling queryResultList.getoPage(5) , does the queryResultList 
become a subList that begins with the 121th element ?

2) I am in page 1, and I want to go to next page

boolean ok = queryResultList.nextPage();
The ok is true.

Does the queryResultList become the sublist that begins from 31th element ?

Do I need to call a subList method to return a sublist that I want to 
display ?


John Chien


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