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From John Chien <john.ch...@ncmail.net>
Subject Re: pager in ibatis
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 16:26:56 GMT

Thank you for the information.
The queryForPaginatedList() will return a list, then I can check for the 
existence of successive records by calling the isNextPageAvailable().
and go to that page by calling  gotoPage();

However, I can not keep this list in my server due to concurrecy reason.
Does that mean that I have to call the same method every time and  give 
it the page number for it to return me the records ?

I am doing the web development.
How can I make use of this returned list in JSP with Struct development ?

Should I keep the list in the session or request scope ?


John Chien

Larry Meadors wrote:

>On 4/12/06, John Chien <john.chien@ncmail.net> wrote:
>>Dear sir:
>>I have a feature that requires me to return query result of a selection
>>statment in certain amount of successive records every time.
>>This is just like a page.
>>For example:
>>SELECT  id, name
>>FROM employee;
>>The selection result of this statement is a list.
>>However, I want to only get 30 records every time.
>>For the first call, I want to get the first 30 (1 - 30) records, for
>>thext call, I would like to get the next 30 (31 - 60) records.
>>How can I do this in Ibatis ?
>>John Chien

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