If you execute this statement with the queryForList method, iBATIS will return a List of HashMaps - one HashMap for every row in the table.
Jeff Butler

On 3/8/06, Guido García Bernardo <ggb275@tid.es> wrote:
Hello !

I can read in the ibatis SQL maps developer guide:

<statement id="getProductCount" resultClass=" java.util.HashMap">
select * from PRODUCT

The above would basically give you a Map representation of the returned

Could anyone elaborate on how exactly this Map represents the returned
In example, how could I traverse the following PRODUCT table using a Map?

id   name             stock    price
--   -------------     -----     ------
1    DVD player    80        30
2    CD player      10         20

Java code that dumps this table with no need to define a resultMap would
be appreciated :)
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