Hi, I am completely new to Ibatis, beans and the whole rationale behind this and am struggling a bit. I can connect to my bean but get nothing from Ibatis....no db info gets returned. Any clues as to what, likely very simple, thing I am doing incorrectly? I have been reading the docs but can find no simple idiots guide... My Map file piece: My bean: package com.mb.pubweb; public class InfoCenter{ private String title = "initial title"; public String getTitle(){ return(title); } public void setTitle(String title){ this.title = title; } My JSP: <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ include file="/common/includes/header/taglibsInc.jsp" %> <%@ include file="/common/includes/header/headInc.jsp" %> <%--jsp:setProperty name="InfoCenter" property="title" value='any ol thang'/--%>
//resolves to property that was set
//JSTL resolves to property that was set
<%= InfoCenter.getTitle() %>//SCRIPTLET resolves to property that was set
${InfoCenter.title}//JSTL resolves to property that was set
I also have an xml config file for the database connection info, and all are put into my \build\webapp\WEB-INF\ibatis\infocenter directory and ANT has all the stuff needed (Jar files) to build. Any guidance *greatly* appreciated. JD -------------------------------------------------------- NOTICE: If received in error, please destroy and notify sender. Sender does not waive confidentiality or privilege, and use is prohibited.