How do I implement map of maps using Ibatis? I have included the sql config file.
I am expecting a following result:
HashMap -->    key   --> manager
                       value --> java.util.Map -->    key     -->     orderId
                                                                value    -->    List of beans of type test.Trade 
I appreciate all the help.
<sqlMap namespace="report">
 <resultMap id="getDataMap" class="test.ResultHolder" groupBy="manager">
  <result property="manager" column="mgr" />
  <result property="orderIdMap" resultMap="orderIdMap" />
 <resultMap id="orderIdMap" class="java.util.HashMap" groupBy="orderId">
  <result property="orderId" column="order_id" />
  <result property="beanList" resultMap="beanList" javaType="java.util.ArrayList"/>
 <resultMap id="beanList" class="test.Trade">
  <result property="txnId" column="txn_id" />
  <result property="tradeDisplayType" column="trd_display_id" />
  <result property="tradeType" column="trd_type" />
  <result property="numberOfShares" column="shr_face" javaType="double" />
  <result property="sharePrice" column="u_price" javaType="double" />
  <result property="tradeDate" column="txn_date" javaType="java.util.Date" />
  <result property="settleDate" column="set_date" javaType="java.util.Date" />
 <select id="getData" resultMap="getDataMap">
  oms_order_id ,
  gloss_txn_id ,
Thanks and Regards