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From "Voorhoeve, Niels {PBG}" <niels.voorho...@pepsi.com>
Subject RE: Re: How to make dao's / vo's more polymorphic
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 22:11:26 GMT
I beg to differ.  I think one of the primary goals of OO is to make the
semantics of the object transparent, hence comprehensible, hence
reusable.  Your approach completely negates that goal and in fact
obfuscates the code (unless you are the privileged programmer who wrote
it in the first place and has the whole mess memorized).  

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Subject: Re: How to make dao's / vo's more polymorphic

Using Collections for VO makes them *reusable*, which is what OO's only 
goal, to make you more productive via reuse.
They are dynamic VO in the sense that one cad add a column in SQL or in 
view from version 1.0 of your web app to 2.0, and you can do so w/o any 
code changes in the VO. Sorry that you do not see the benefits. I sure 
used to do the "beans" way for many years, but now I gave it up.

Plenty of people do it that way. I "learned" it from ActionScript 
talking to back end.


Clinton Begin wrote:
   There's nothing OO
> about them -- Period.

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