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From Reuben Firmin <reuben.fir...@cnet.com>
Subject Re: Flushing caches
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 18:46:08 GMT
I've been wondering about a related question -- is there any way to 
flush a cache for only one particular object?

I'd like to be able to say "I've only modified this Foo bean, so flush 
it, but keep the other Foo beans that are in the cache". Are there 
problems associated with this that I'm missing?

Sven Boden wrote:

> Following should do the trick:
> sqlMapClient.flushDataCache();
> or
> sqlMapClient.flushDataCache("cache id");
> Look in the com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.SqlMapClient interface.
> Regards,
> Sven
> Joe Wolf wrote:
>> Is there any way to programmatically flush a cache?  I'm getting 
>> ready to head down the road where I'll just call some bogus statement 
>> in my SQL map that's in my cache's flushOnExecute list.  I was 
>> wondering if there was a more straightforward way.  Thanks.
>> -Joe  CompSci Resources, LLC

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