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From "Ted Schrader" <tschra...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: remapResults is necessary if the result query doesnt change in a execution ?
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 18:52:06 GMT
Hi Enrique,

I am pretty sure the answer is no, you do not need remapResults="true"
because you are using a good SQL practice by listing your columns in
the SELECT statement.  Listing your columns means the column names
won't change, even though your table name might change, so
remapResults is not necessary.

If I am wrong, then I need to make some changes to my work!


On 07/03/06, Enrique Ferreyra <eferreyra@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi , my first message :) ok, i know the performance penalties if i put
> the remapResults = true, and i understand why is necesary this when
> using $$ parameters, i think in my case is not necesary, tell me if im
> wrong.
> We work whit informix and we have many instances, we try the software be
> the same setting some parameters at start for the instance choice, but
> in one instance some "table" is in "database1" and in other instance is
> in "database2", the connection is a single database, so we refer to the
> tables as 'database:table' in informix notation, now my question is if i
> make sql querys in a sqlMap like:
>     <select id="get-deposito" parameterClass="java.util.HashMap"
> resultMap="get-deposito-result">
>         SELECT dep_cod, dep_tip, dep_des
>         FROM $depositos$
>         WHERE dep_com_cod = #com_cod#
>           AND dep_cod = #dep_cod#
>           AND dep_tip = #dep_tip#
>     </select>
> And the $depositos$ value doesnt change in the current execution of the
> application, DO I NEED THE remapResults="true" ?
> Thanks !
> --
>   A.U.S. Enrique Ferreyra
>     Centro de Cómputos
>  Red Megatone - Red Confina

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