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From Mike Wilson <mw9...@yahoo.com>
Subject JPetStore - Using billState property in Cart.java
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 18:46:20 GMT
In the Cart.java I'm trying to grab the users' billState value (in Order.java) so I can use
it as a qualifier for which tax rate is applied.
I am trying to set the account.billState value in Order.java that I can use in the Cart.java.
This is so I can calc different tax rates based on different states and display the result
on the checkout pages. However, it doesn't seem like I can do this. I've tried several things
besides this, adding a reference to account.billState in the Cart.java or adding an initCart
method and grabbing the account.billState that way (like the initOrder in Order.java). Seems
like unless I hard code a value in my totalTax method in Cart.java, I get a null pointer exception.
Hope this makes sense and someone can help. 
Thanks in advance,
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