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From Prashanth Sukumaran <prashanthsukuma...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Problem in using complex objects in ibatis2.0
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 13:12:11 GMT
Hi Kishlay
  It is not the problem with iBatis.  You cannot have the member variable with the second
letter Capital.
  Instead of wHistVO  try  whistVO.  This will work.
  The getter and setter would be getWhistVO and setWhistVO.

"Nikesh, Kishlay" <kishlay.nikesh@fidelity.co.in> wrote:
  I am having a java-class(getter/setter) which has a reference of another java class in it.

  public class universeVO implements Serializable 
        private int universeid; 
        private String description; 
        private weightingHistoryVO wHistVO; 
  Each universeId in the above class can have multiple weightingHistoryVOs. 
  I have used the following entries in my Universe.xml file :- 
    <typeAlias alias="universe" type="com.asset.universeVO"/> 
  <typeAlias alias="weight" type="com.asset.weightingHistoryVO"/> 
    <resultMap id="getUniverseResult" class="universe"> 
        <result property="universeid" column="UniverseId" /> 
        <result property="wHistVO.universeid" column="UniverseId" /> 
  <statement id="getAllUniverse" parameterClass="int" resultMap="getUniverseResult">

        SELECT * from aaUniverse, aaWeightingHistory WHERE 
                AND aaUniverse.UniverseId = #universeid# 
  The above code when used gives me this error on WAS/Sybase environment - 
  Caused by: 
com.ibatis.common.beans.ProbeException: There is no WRITEABLE property named 'wHistVO' in
class 'com.asset.universeVO' 
        at com.ibatis.common.beans.ClassInfo.getSetterType(ClassInfo.java:174) 
        at com.ibatis.common.beans.GenericProbe.getClassPropertyTypeForSetter(GenericProbe.java:250)

  Can anyone please advice what could be the problem ? 
  Many Thanks, 
Kishlay Kumar Nikesh 
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