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From "Sven.Boden" <list...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: performnace of iBATIS
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 06:56:52 GMT

Some ideas:

- Are you using transactions in the correct way?
- If you were on Oracle you'd probably don't want to use SimpleDatasource (because of rollbacks)
- Is your ping query setup correctly?
- Are you using parameter binding with your JDBC?
- Are you executing the same query (iBATIS/JDBC) using the same user-id?


>3-5 times slower does not sound correct. I would be curious to hear
>how you setup and administered these tests.
>On 2/27/06, DaqiQian2@aol.com <DaqiQian2@aol.com> wrote:
>> Sven,
>> thanks for your response. I did some preliminary test on iBATIS'
>> performance. For JDBC (MySql 5.0), i recorded time from establishing
>> connection, result set, and mapping the result to objects. For list of
>> simple objects, it seems to me that iBATIS (no caching and lazyloading) is
>> 3-5 times slower than using JDBC. Of course, i believe my xml mapping has
>> room to improve.
>> The reason I asked is that I need some stats to persuade myself and
>> coworkers to accept iBATIS as a data persistence tool for our relatively
>> heavily loaded servers.
>> btw, we just pushed a project using iBATIS to QE. For that project,
>> performance is not big issue.
>> Thanks,
>> Tony

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