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From "Brent Ryan" <br...@blackboard.com>
Subject iBatis Conversion of java Type String to Numeric database field
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 21:23:43 GMT
If I have a java bean that contains only String data types, is there a
way to have iBatis insert/update rows in the database that have a data
type of 'Numeric'?
For Example... I read in a string of data from a text file, create my
bean, then call my iBatis service to insert the row of data into the
database.  However, the database has a numeric data type for some of the
fields.  Can iBatis handle this?  I don't want my bean to have int, Date
or other data types because then I have to figure that out during the
read of this text file.  I just want to treat everything as a String.
I know that if you do this in Hibernate that it knows how to insert the
String into a numeric data field.  However, Hibernates performance is
bad when I'm trying to insert 1 million rows of data into a single table
so I can't use it.  I need to use straight JDBC or iBatis possibly....

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