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From Zoran Avtarovski <zo...@sparecreative.com>
Subject Multiple n+1
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 10:10:50 GMT
I've been trying to get a n+1 example to work without much luck and I think
that I may have misunderstood the wiki article. I have intentionally kept
the example simple so I can fully understand the concepts and then apply it
to the real world app which uses the same principles.

I have three object tables
User, which has {user_id, name, type} columns
Group, which has {group_id, name, description} columns
Category, which has {cat_id, name, description} columns

I also have two relationship tables
UserGroup, which has {user_id, group_id} columns
UserCat, which has {user_id, group_id} columns

Each User can have multiple Groups and Categories. This is represented
through a User POJO which includes two Collection properties {groups,
categories} with appropriate setters and getters.

I currently use multiple SQL calls to populate the n+1 properties, I use a
<result  property="groups" column="user_id" select="getUserGroups" /> and
the same for categories. You get the Idea. Ideally, I'd really like to use a
single SQL query to improve system performance.

Can I resolve multiple n+1 relationships in a single call and if so how. I'd
appreciate any help. I'm sure that once I get my head around the concept of
n+1 selects it will be easy.


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