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From "Bruyn Bill" <Bru...@mcao.maricopa.gov>
Subject RE: [Abator] Unable to generate artifacts
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 14:37:32 GMT
Thanks, Jeff.  I'd appreciate that.  Their solution does seem like a bit
of a hack, and rather limited in that you have to configure the name of
the file, to your point - but IIRC doesn't the current release only
recognize abatorConfig.xml anyway?  In any case, I have it working per
their suggestion for now.  (Had to restart Eclipse with -clean to clear
its cached version of the Abator plugin config).  Looking forward to
hearing more about anything you find.
Again, many thanks.

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	From: Jeff Butler [mailto:jeffgbutler@gmail.com] 
	Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 11:29 AM
	To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
	Subject: Re: [Abator] Unable to generate artifacts
	Well I'm not surprised it didn't work - that was a pretty silly
(and awfully limiting) suggestion from them.  Enabling selections by XML
root element type is relatively new in Eclipse - perhaps they don't know
how it works? 
	I suppose it could also be an Eclipse problem where Eclipse is
getting confused about whether to enable the menu selection or not.  But
hard to tell.
	I don't have an oXygen license to be able to test it myself.  I
might try to get a demo of oXygen to see if I can debug it further, but
that will take me a few days.
	Jeff Butler

	On 2/6/06, Bruyn Bill <Bruynb@mcao.maricopa.gov> wrote: 

		I got the following response from oXygen support.  I
tried the config as
		suggested, but no change.  Any insight as to why this
wouldn't work? 
		Thanks again.
		After studying the plugin.xml file from the UI plugin of
the "abator"
		bundle the problem seems to be related with their mode
of associating 
		the context menu actions.
		So, on the "org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus" extension point
you will see that
		the <visibility> element claims that the current object
must have a
		certain conten type, i.e. the
"org.apache.ibatis.abator.ui.abatorConfigurationFileByElement" content
		But oXygen also has its own content type for xml
documents with encoding
		and BOM handling which seems to be more general than the
one that 
		"abator" has, and Eclipse it taking the oXygen's one
into account.
		The solution for you is to edit by hand the "plugin.xml"
file from the
		"org.apache.ibatis.abator.ui_0.5.1" directory and
comment the 
		<visibility> element, and then modify <action> as
		label="Generate iBATIS Artifacts"
		<selection class="org.eclipse.core.resources.IFile "
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		> From: Bruyn Bill
		> Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 1:41 PM
		> To: ' user-java@ibatis.apache.org
<mailto:user-java@ibatis.apache.org> '
		> Subject: RE: [Abator] Unable to generate artifacts
		> Yeah, their plugin does add a few items to the context
		> menu...  I don't know how that's handled internally,
but now 
		> I can file a bug report and find out.  I'll post what
I find,
		> if anything.
		> Thanks, Jeff.  (BTW, nice job.)
		> Bill
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		> From: Jeff Butler [mailto: jeffgbutler@gmail.com]
		> Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 12:23 PM
		> To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
		> Subject: Re: [Abator] Unable to generate artifacts 
		> That's odd.  The menu option should enable for any
file with
		> xml as the extension, and with a root element of
		> "abatorConfiguration".
		> Question - does oXygen change the popup menu on an XML
		> significantly?  Abator assumes there is an insertion
point on
		> the popup menu called "additions" (which is an Eclipse
		> convention).  If oXygen has significantly altered the
		> menu for XML files, or they somehow removed the
		> insertion point, then that could cause the problem.
		> does point the finger at them I'm afraid, but I can't
		> of any other reason for the trouble you're having.
		> Nevertheless, there should probably be more ways to
		> Abator than just through a pop-up menu.  I'll try to
think of
		> some for the next release.
		> Jeff Butler
		> On 2/2/06, Bruyn Bill < Bruynb@mcao.maricopa.gov
<mailto:Bruynb@mcao.maricopa.gov> > wrote:
		> I have the Abator (0.5.1) plugin for Eclipse (3.1.2)
		> installed here, and have a little trouble with it when
I also
		> have my oXygen XML Editor
		> (7.0.0) plugin installed/enabled. 
		> I can set up my file association okay, create my
config with
		> the File/New wizard and edit it with the Abator editor
(if I
		> want to), but my "Generate iBATIS Artifcats" menu
		> disappears.  When I disable
		> the oXygen plugin, everything works as advertised, so
I'm not
		> sure this is an Abator problem...  Still, I was hoping
		> somebody might be able to explain what's going on? 
		> TIA,
		> Bill Bruyn

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