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From Sven Boden <list...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: Reg. Problem with Cursors still open.
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 23:17:55 GMT

Available options... but none that really fits you...
1) the way you use it now is not officially supported (IBATIS-53 returns 
a ResultSet but does not map it to a ResultMap), you don't really use 
output1, it just gets mapped to the returning ResultSet... and I'm still 
waiting for your Oracle query to count open cursors ;-)
2) Michael Fagan made a patch to iBATIS which you can find in the iBATIS 
WIKI (under use of Oracle cursors), but it's not in the baseline of 
iBATIS. And if you use that you may end up in a dead track in the end 
(unless you patch yourself every new version of iBATIS).

There are some ideas on supporting what you want, but none of it's 
implemented yet (discussed last week on the dev mailing list). And will 
depend on whether we find a nice clean solution to it all and when we 
find the time to build it in.... this will not be short short term (at 
least not by me).


clement.k.justin@jpmchase.com wrote:

>Dear Sven,
>JIRA IBATIS-53 example uses, queryForObject() method, which in turn will 
>return only one resultset.  We need multiple resultset, is it possible 
>using queryForList() Method in retrieving resultset. 
>R u asking us to use the modified jar files for this instance in the 
>attachment section.
>Where do i get the modified Jar files for running the code? Guide me or 
>Can you update me with a sample code for getting multiple resultset using 
>queryForList() method.
>Clement K Justin.
>Tata Consultancy Services,
>Columbus, Ohio.
>Work Phone : 614-213-7417.

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