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From "Vu, Thai" <Thai...@parsons.com>
Subject RE: Oracle App Server
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 19:40:02 GMT
I can confirm that iBatis 2.1.6 works with Oracle AS 10g Forms and
Reports Service, but we have only 1 server. So no cluster here.

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Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 1:20 PM
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Subject: Re: Oracle App Server

On 2/10/06, David Hodge <dyhodge@gmail.com> wrote:
> Does iBatis work with Oracle Application Server 10.1.2 and higher in a
> clustered environment?  My project is determining what ORM solution to
> and some of the issues raised are as follows:

I personally have not used it in that evironment, but do not see any
reasons why it would not work.

> -Can the ORM tool support clusters-

First, iBATIS is not an ORM tool, it is a SQL mapping tool. While that
may not seem like a big difference, it is. ORM tools write your SQL
for you. iBATIS uses your SQL and maps input and output to POJOs. That
means that you can use the full power of your database (or at least
99% of it), not just what your ORM understands.

As far as clustering goes, it should be OK, but you may need to look
into using OSCache for caching...

> -What caching strategies does it use

It has a fairly simple caching mechanism, with plug-ins for external
caching, and an API to roll your own if they don't fit your needs.

> -Does it work with aforementioned Oracle App Server.

If it's Java-based (heck, or even .net), iBATIS will work. :-)

> Thanks for your help...

You are welcome. :)


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