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From Ted Schrader <tschra...@gmail.com>
Subject WSAD: restarting test environment for xml changes
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 17:35:22 GMT

This question is specific to Websphere Studio Application Developer
(5.1) but it may be applicable to other IDE's as well.

Apparently, when I make a change to a SQLMaps xml file, I have to
restart the entire test application server (WAS Express 5.0 server)
within WSAD (not the IDE itself), as opposed to simply restarting the
project within that app server.  Otherwise I get weird, iBATIS-level
bugs that clear up upon a full restart.

We're using Struts as well, and changes to Struts-related config files
seem to digest properly with simply restarting the project.  Why the

My guess at this point is that it's related to the fact that the
DataSource is initialized and maintained at the app server level, not
at the web app level.  So, maybe SQLMaps does some sort of binding to
the DS which requires a full restart of the app server to clear its
config cache.

This isn't a big issue, it's just an annoyance, but I'm extremely
curious about the phenomena.  I can provide more specific details if

Any insight? Thanks!


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