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From Mark Bennett <mark.bennett.m...@gmail.com>
Subject [ABATOR] override to a primitive creates generated code error
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:18:01 GMT
While using this great Abator tool, I tried using the column overide tag to
covert SHORTINT to boolean it works everywhere except for in the method
getExampleParams(...).   Here is the def:

        <columnOverride column="FILETRANSFERFLAG"
property="fileTransferFlag" javaType="boolean"/>

And the generate code creates an error on the last line:

        case SupervisionDetailExample.EXAMPLE_GREATER_THAN:
            if (example.isCombineTypeOr()) {
                parms.put("OR_FILETRANSFERFLAG_GT", "Y");
            } else {
                parms.put("AND_FILETRANSFERFLAG_GT", "Y");
            parms.put("fileTransferFlag", example.getFileTransferFlag());
// Can't add primitive to Map

Here it is trying put a primitive in a Map.  I could fix this manually but
my change will be lost when it gets run the next time.  Perhaps I am doing
something wrong but it seems that the last line of code either needs a
wrapper or just removed and leave it to the user to just use the string
fields as an indicator.


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