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From Larry Meadors <lmead...@apache.org>
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 00:06:27 GMT
Wow, that is awesome. :-D


On 1/20/06, Craig A. Vanderborgh <craigv@voxware.com> wrote:
> Hello Ibatis-Land:
> We tried them all.  First OJB, then Hibernate, and we wound up finding
> out the best option last - IBATIS.
> A year ago, we were naive Pojo-persistence beginners, and fell into
> usual the Hibernate trap pretty quickly.  Complex code configuration
> with Middlegen, a gratuitously complicated data model, and the bloat and
> complexity that personifies Hibernate led us into a year-long period of
> darkness.
> But Spring came early, in the form of a completely redone, simplified
> data model based on Spring DAO using Spring's Ibatis support (Spring
> class SqlMapClientDaoSupport).
> The results are - quite frankly - astonishing.  So simple, yet so
> powerful and easy-to-modify.  Ibatis works perfectly, even for BLOBs,
> CLOBs, and the rest.  IBATIS has dealt with our demanding application
> effectively and quickly with only a small amount of development effort
> invested thus far.  The resulting Ibatis maps are simple and clear, and
> easy to understand and modify.  And our performance is over 30% better
> than what we were seeing with sleepy Hibernate, all other things being
> equal.
> So we would like to thank the Ibatis team, from the bottom of our
> hearts, for producing such a useful, clean, performant, and
> well-thought-out persistence mechanism for Java.  Quite simply, IBATIS
> is the best.
> Hats off to the IBATIS team!!
> Sincerely,
> craig vanderborgh
> voxware incorporated

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