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From "Daan de Wit" <d.de....@wis.nl>
Subject select statement without resultmap
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 16:18:15 GMT


Today I found myself stuck with a very weird problem. A queryForList
returned an empty list while executing exactly the same query in the SQL
Query Analyzer returned one result. I thought that maybe the SQL
Profiler would be more informative about the problem, but query and the
parameter were both the same as I used in the Query Analayzer.

It turned out that I forgot to set a resultmap for the select-statement.
Wouldn't it be better to throw an exception if no resultmap or
resultclass is found for a select? Or maybe the xml could be changed to
something like this:

<select id="mySelect" resultType="map" resultId="myResultMap">

I realize that the names I chose for the attributes are not that good,
but they are good enough to get the idea.




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