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From Davide Marche <ja...@email.it>
Subject Abator generation features
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 08:50:56 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am new in the list and i have just started using Abator for my
project. I have a question (i couldn't find the answer anywhere in the
abator's documentation). In my database schema i have something like

Product(...., id_category,...)

and of course Product.id_category references Category.id . With iBATIS
documentation i am able to map this to my java classes so:

public class Product{
         Category category;
public class Category{

With Abator i couldn't find a way to generate such a model, it still
goes on generating

public class Product{
         Integer id_category;

Is there any way to solve the problem with Abator or should i start
generating the files myself?

Thanks in advance

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