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From "Craig A. Vanderborgh" <cra...@voxware.com>
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 23:44:31 GMT
Hello Ibatis-Land:

We tried them all.  First OJB, then Hibernate, and we wound up finding 
out the best option last - IBATIS.

A year ago, we were naive Pojo-persistence beginners, and fell into 
usual the Hibernate trap pretty quickly.  Complex code configuration 
with Middlegen, a gratuitously complicated data model, and the bloat and 
complexity that personifies Hibernate led us into a year-long period of 

But Spring came early, in the form of a completely redone, simplified 
data model based on Spring DAO using Spring's Ibatis support (Spring 
class SqlMapClientDaoSupport).

The results are - quite frankly - astonishing.  So simple, yet so 
powerful and easy-to-modify.  Ibatis works perfectly, even for BLOBs, 
CLOBs, and the rest.  IBATIS has dealt with our demanding application 
effectively and quickly with only a small amount of development effort 
invested thus far.  The resulting Ibatis maps are simple and clear, and 
easy to understand and modify.  And our performance is over 30% better 
than what we were seeing with sleepy Hibernate, all other things being 

So we would like to thank the Ibatis team, from the bottom of our 
hearts, for producing such a useful, clean, performant, and 
well-thought-out persistence mechanism for Java.  Quite simply, IBATIS 
is the best.

Hats off to the IBATIS team!!

craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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